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120 Years of Golf in British Columbia
by Arv Olson
CDN$ 14.95

Backspin is a comprehensive overview of everything golf-related in BC. Veteran sportswriter Arv Olson's work on the trailblazers and the growth of the game and the province's golf courses was "the preeminent resource" on golf history when he self-published Backspin in 1992. This first Heritage House edition has been completely updated and revamped to mark 2012's 120th anniversary of golf in BC.

Since its start in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria and Stanley Park in Vancouver, golf has been backed by an assortment of colourful characters who have enthusiastically teamed up to create courses and clubs in the heart of many towns-some of them even running for office to protect their links. Backspin is an encyclopedic reference on the growth of BC's golf game, legendary golf figures past and present, and the golf courses of BC. Olson doesn't neglect the fun, either, including entertaining golf anecdotes and writings from the early days.

Hall of Famers and humble hackers, old pros and lucky ace-makers—Olson's history of the game completes the circuit, including everything from humour and hardship to murder and mayhem.

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