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David Thompson
A Life of Adventure and Discovery
Amazing Stories
by Elle Andra-Warner
CDN$ 9.95 (paperback)

Dinosaur Hunters
Uncovering the Hidden Remains of Canada's Ancient Giants
Amazing Stories
by Lisa Murphy-Lamb
CDN$ 9.95 (paperback)

Dirty Thirties Desperadoes
Forgotten Victims of the Great Depression
by Rich Mole
CDN$ 9.95 (paperback)

Emily Carr
The Incredible Life and Adventures of a West Coast Artist
Amazing Stories
by Cat Klerks
CDN$ 9.95 (paperback)

Enemy Offshore!
Japan's Secret War on North America's West Coast
Amazing Stories
by Brendan Coyle
by Melanie Arnis
CDN$ 9.95 (paperback)

 11 - 15 of 77

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