Reviews for The Amazing Foot Race of 1921

”Shirley Jean Roll Tucker provides a lively and informative account of this largely forgotten event. Rich in photos, excerpts from Halifax Herald articles, and quotes from the hikers themselves, The Amazing Foot Race of 1921 is accessible and compelling for academics and general readers alike. The book not only provides a detailed account of the race but also offers some social history. It is a true tale of adventure, chronicling the efforts of five ordinary Canadians who became national heroes during a time of change and uncertainty.”

—Emily Cuggy, Canada’s History

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”It’s a fascinating insight into the feelings of the early 1920’s . . .”

—Angela Davis,

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“The resulting book is an interesting hybrid of hard fact and high drama, but Tucker pulls it off nicely, telling the little known story of what one newspaper called, the ‘Greatest Contest in History of Pedestrianism.’”

January magazine

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“Their indomitable courage and determination, and their boisterous spirits that rarely seemed to flag, make these five ordinary Canadians every bit as worthy of our admiration as Terry Fox. Shirley Jean Roll Tucker has done us a commendable service in reviving their memory.”

—James Roots, Literary Review of Canada

"This entertaining book chronicles a cross-Canada foot race from Halifax to Vancouver that took place in the winter and spring of 1921. Told in an engaging style, the book details the progress of five hikers, two pairs and one lone walker, as they journeyed across the country. Intended as a “social history in journalistic form,” the book shows the historical context, which allowed the five hikers to become such a sensation. By using clips from newspapers and ample quotes, the book demonstrates the contrast between Canadian attitudes and culture then and now."

BC Books for BC Schools

"Tucker's book feels like a historical document as much as it does an adventure story . . . The Amazing Foot Race of 1921 is a must-read."

Wend Magazine

"The book is about more than a sporting event . . . It is a social history of the early 20th century."

—The Chronicle Herald

"Biking and walking across Canada have become commonplace since Terry Fox made his courageous run in 1980. But in January 1921, when a group of Haligonians set out on a 4,000-mile hike from Halifax to Vancouver, it was almost unimaginable."

Salmon Arm Observer

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